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Toyota, the biggest automakers in the world, has released a latest family extended of Prius hybrid last week. Since putting the first Prius in 1997, Toyota has dominated more than 14 models of gas-electric hybrid to the market. It helps Toyota gain a worldwide reputation as one of the most advanced car maker in the car industry.

Their rival Nissan and General Motors has agreed to share the green limelight with Toyota, there is no question that the sales volumes has increased due to the coming down of the batteries price. Sales of Toyota's Prius sedan soared 36 per cent last year to 140,928 units, according to Auto data, making it the most popular hybrid car on the road by far."Prius has become to hybrids what Kleenex is to tissues and Levi's are to jeans," Bob Carter, the Toyota brand's US chief, said at the unveiling.

The aim target of this Prius model is the family who are looking for more cargo space and utiliry. Unlike the old prius models, it will have estimated mileage of 40 combined for city and highway driving (5.9 liters/100km) and offer more space for their big family. It also aimed at the young singles and couples who want a high mileage and fun-to-drive Prius with a roomy interior. It indicated that its mileage would exceed more 100mpg. With 7 Inch TOYOTA DVD Navigation, It will offer a luxury entertainment experience when you have a long driving.

Toyota has a goal of selling at least 1 million hybrid vehicles annually worldwide before the middle of the decade, eventually offering a hybrid version on all of its models by 2020.Toyota has plans to sell at least 50,000 units of the Prius PHV a year worldwide, mainly in Japan, the United States and Europe. This new Prius family series was estimate to be sold more than 50,000 unit in the next half of 2011. It is estimated to be the best selling to individuals next year.

Whats more, Toyota is trying to launch another two pure electric car in the following two years, it will bring more surprises for Toyota fans. With their own technology, it will be designed to be more user-friendly and environmental.